The Secret Cove… boys, dogs, family and a birthday

Just lovely. How festive to acknowledge the passage of 365 days with splashes of sunshine and water, cherished children (young and grown-up), friends and family. My dear dad, who I think of and miss, was funny, kind and loving. An inspirational teacher (adjective bestowed by erstwhile pupils), he grew more sentimental with each year. Inevitable. Each birthday is a bookmark in our life story. The first paragraph of my 59th year is happily laid down as a blissful memory: my grandsons laughing and paddling;  the loving thoughfulness of my family and friends, the innocent joy of our dogs. How lucky to have such days.


Often, it’s hard to imagine how I arrived here from there. But I did. I am grateful and each moment is a gift.




One thought on “The Secret Cove… boys, dogs, family and a birthday

  1. I know where that cove is – it was in the Times, listed as a lovely secret cove! Best not identify it – the car park is small and we will be overrun with visitors!

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