An alternative lifestyle

We moved away from a conventional life a few years ago. Our alternative is more creative and seat-of-pants. We always manage to drift along. Living back at the coast is divine. When I write about the cove in Ellie Booton’s Journals, it’s pretty similar to this…


Below: Abbie Highfield, whoever you are, your name tag was found in the Secret Cove next to this crab. Abbie will be a character in my next book. I guess at school, when Abbie’s in a bad mood, they call her Crabbie Highfield. You will be fictionalised!


Below: Oh dear, Pippy. I thought, when we left our inland life with muddy walks through the wet winter, that walks on the beach would be so much cleaner. Not so. The car is like a sandpit and Pips gets showered every day now.


Romance is not dead. This is how seagull couples nap.



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