Getting back to work… sort of

Last September, in the place where I grew up, we made a plan. Paddling in the rock pools, breathing transparent air (not dove grey, like it was in our other home town) – it all came together. We would live here.


Where life-changing decisions are made.

We returned home, did what we needed to do – worked solidly for 9 months (gestation?) and popped our house on the market. And, it sold. The next day we had an offer – and less than two months after that, we were driving east. Struggle is our usual M.O. but not, apparently, this time.

My dear dad died on a beautiful October day. A week after his funeral my mum came to stay with us for the winter. Eight years ago. The longest winter… No, it’s fine. If I went into detail about the process of acclimatization, I’d lose my upbeat mood which, hey-ho, was anxiety screwed-up in a time-warped, never-ending day. Until, of course, days and thoughts started to separate with little splashes of acceptance and… hope.

So, here we are. Back at the place where I grew up. My mum has memories of our life here.


We’re talking. We’re walking. It’s closer to “life” than we’ve been for a good while. Mindfulness nestling in a form of mindlessness. My mum has dementia. So did my dad, though one of his last assertions was: “I will prove I don’t have dementia”. He did. He was pretty marvellous. Was? He’s not far away.

So – back to work, sort of. We’d planned a long, leisurely holiday-like summer – but of course, I don’t do leisure very well. My working-class genes are dominant. So, this is what I’ve been doing:

  • Updating and publishing The Saltaire Sentinel (a quirky, parochial monthly newsheet, founded and edited by my friend, James)
  • Promoting photographer, Richard J. Heald
  • Designing some letter sets – ongoing project
  • Making Pippy a pretty neckerchief (viewed as punishment)


Pippy: Don’t try it with that sodding neckerchief thingy


To inspire the kind of gravitas I always intend to write and never do.



– and paper to encourage free expression – let it all out – (big mistake but I never learn)


I have a new(ish) Samsung notebook: £80 off Ebay. BARGAIN and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. My old notebook is fading, but still a puppy at heart. I love it – but there’s always enough love for another one.

About puppies… this cloth-eared one gives ample photo opportunities of her butt lately. Luckily, photogenic when sleeping.








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