Random tasks for the week

TASKS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WEEK (if at all possible)

  • Read Ruby Redfort, Feel The Fear.
  • Enjoy a sunset or two.
  • Stroll hand in hand with my other half.
  • Chat freely with other people’s dogs. [Take for granted that motivation understood to be entirely wholesome]. Maybe photograph one or two.
  • Enjoy the mischief and fun of grandsons, all the while hoping they will always be happy.
  • Practice mindfulness and feel blessed in the moment.
  • Have a game of mini golf and plan to lose spectacularly.
  • Deal with utter irritation re THOUGHTLESSNESS of people who litter.  Indulge despondency for three minutes then do something positive  by litter picking. [Some derisory adjectives allowed whilst completing task.]
  • Spot a drone and ponder on how potentially helpful and sinister they might be.
  • See an A10 Thunderbolt flying up the coast and worry what it’s up to.
  • See an iridescent cloud. Have thoughts of wonderment.



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