Storm Doris day.

We got off lightly. A morning walk at the Secret Cove before the weather closed in. Clouds brewing on the horizon.  A fly-past from the Red Arrows, diamond shape of 9, one flying behind - filming I guess. Too fast to get a photo. We shaded our eyes from the sun. The rig is new. … Continue reading Storm Doris day.


Whitby: closer to Dracula; further from Trump

I guess we are British snowflakes. I wasn't that into American politics before. I worried that Jimmy Carter was shouldering such a burden it would kill him. I tutted at Bill Clinton's betrayals. I laughed, shamefaced, at jokes about W's  I.Q. I remember practically skipping into our local shop the day Obama was elected; perplexed … Continue reading Whitby: closer to Dracula; further from Trump