This is getting back to work?

Work is fine¬†when you enjoy it. I do a lot of unpaid work, but it always seems to work out. Purpose is the driving force of sanity + time, so it's time to move on to another project. I have a book to finish: Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 3 (title to be decided). I also … Continue reading This is getting back to work?


Does anyone have time to blog?

Fearlessness. That's what's required. The compulsive need to squeeze another task into the lycra pants of time. This is to remind me of the time when I remembered things for more than one day. I can read it and think:¬†Crikey. Did I do that? I have no memory of it. At all. Fancy that. Quick … Continue reading Does anyone have time to blog?

The Secret Cove… boys, dogs, family and a birthday

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.