Getting back to work… sort of

Last September, in the place where I grew up, we made a plan. Paddling in the rock pools, breathing transparent air (not dove grey, like it was in our other home town) - it all came together. We would live here. Where life-changing decisions are made. We returned home, did what we needed to do … Continue reading Getting back to work… sort of


An alternative lifestyle

We moved away from a¬†conventional life a few years ago. Our alternative is more creative and seat-of-pants. We always manage to drift along. Living back at the coast is divine. When I write about the cove in Ellie Booton's Journals, it's pretty similar to this... Below: Abbie Highfield, whoever you are, your name tag was … Continue reading An alternative lifestyle

This is getting back to work?

Work is fine¬†when you enjoy it. I do a lot of unpaid work, but it always seems to work out. Purpose is the driving force of sanity + time, so it's time to move on to another project. I have a book to finish: Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 3 (title to be decided). I also … Continue reading This is getting back to work?