Kindness and gratitude

Kindness and gratitude would solve the world’s problems. I believe it. Kindness is not passive. It is a simple act of helpfulness. I have been helped and I am grateful. I have failed and fallen and have been helped again, which makes me want to help others. Forward motion. Never static. Inch by inch.

A myhermes parcel was delivered. A manually developed image, so thoughtful and beautiful, is an act of kindness that will be valued for a lifetime. Richard Heald is a photographer based in West Yorkshire, England. I offered some advice, that’s all, and added a reference to Richard’s work to the Saltaire Village website. This gift was completely unecessary, but it’s just lovely. Thank you.


Southstacks in Anglesey  © Richard Heald

It’s pretty close to how I image the lighthouse in my novel; perched on a rocky outcrop at the far side of the cove. A place of adventure!


Now we’re relocated to the East Coast, we’re settling into a new way of life. I grew up here, so it’s familiar, but I’ve been away so long it’s like starting over. Putting more distance between us and the people we care for is tough, but we stay in touch and welcome visitors. It’s not too far to drive back for hugs and coffee. Thank goodness for Skype and email.

Things in our new home remind us of the love and kindness we carry forward. The clock doesn’t work, but it was give to my parents on their wedding day, and I remember my father winding it up with the key. My dad’s trains. He was such a funny, kind man.The plate celebrating my sweet grandmother’s 100th birthday makes me think of her apple cheeks, her voice and her loving kindness. Frickley Colliery is where my grandfathers toiled with great courage.  The Humphrey Davy lamp which my Grandpa George took down the mine, coming back to the surface blackened with coal dust, then sitting, scrubbed clean, like a lady at a hairdresser’s while I styled his hair. I have his pipe. It still smells of tobacco. Gifts from friends for no reason at all. Hearts, love tokens from my darling husband.

I am grateful for all the memories these things bring – reminding me that helpfulness and kind words, can carry someone forward and lift them up.






2 thoughts on “Kindness and gratitude

  1. It’s a lovely sunny fall afternoon and I was working in the garden. I am now relaxing curled up with a nice crisp fall apple enjoying your kindness and gratitude blog and photos. Feeling cozy. Shirley.

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