The Abandoned Rule Book – Ellie Booton’s Journal No. 3

Here it is: Ellie Booton's Journal No. 3.  Here's how it came to be. At the bottom of this page, there's a Sky News film which, if you watch it, will change your life. When I first started writing Ellie's Journal, No. 1, she was 11 years old. She'd come to live at Grandma's house, … Continue reading The Abandoned Rule Book – Ellie Booton’s Journal No. 3

Storm Doris day.

We got off lightly. A morning walk at the Secret Cove before the weather closed in. Clouds brewing on the horizon.  A fly-past from the Red Arrows, diamond shape of 9, one flying behind - filming I guess. Too fast to get a photo. We shaded our eyes from the sun. The rig is new. … Continue reading Storm Doris day.

Whitby: closer to Dracula; further from Trump

I guess we are British snowflakes. I wasn't that into American politics before. I worried that Jimmy Carter was shouldering such a burden it would kill him. I tutted at Bill Clinton's betrayals. I laughed, shamefaced, at jokes about W's  I.Q. I remember practically skipping into our local shop the day Obama was elected; perplexed … Continue reading Whitby: closer to Dracula; further from Trump

Kindness and gratitude

Kindness and gratitude would solve the world's problems. I believe it. Kindness is not passive. It is a simple act of helpfulness. I have been helped and I am grateful. I have failed and fallen and have been helped again, which makes me want to help others. Forward motion. Never static. Inch by inch. A myhermes … Continue reading Kindness and gratitude

Random tasks for the week

TASKS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WEEK (if at all possible) Read Ruby Redfort, Feel The Fear. Enjoy a sunset or two. Stroll hand in hand with my other half. Chat freely with other people's dogs. [Take for granted that motivation understood to be entirely wholesome]. Maybe photograph one or two. Enjoy the mischief and fun of grandsons, … Continue reading Random tasks for the week

Getting back to work… sort of

Last September, in the place where I grew up, we made a plan. Paddling in the rock pools, breathing transparent air (not dove grey, like it was in our other home town) - it all came together. We would live here. Where life-changing decisions are made. We returned home, did what we needed to do … Continue reading Getting back to work… sort of